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You're busy & I totally get that!

Running a small business takes an incredible amount of time and effort, especially if you do everything yourself!  I'll bet you really resent doing book work when you could be doing other things...like growing your business, nurturing your customers, spending time with family and friends (oh, and wouldn't it be great to have some time for yourself!)...

Do you also feel a bit out of your depth with your taxes?  Unsure about what to be saving, whether you have too much or too little in your tax savings account (perhaps you don't even have a tax savings account?).  Maybe you miss filing deadlines, keep getting late penalties and incurring interest?  I can take all of this hassle away and get you on track!

Struggle no more my friend!

I am focused on helping you achieve business success - taking the hassle out of tax compliance, leaving you more time to do what you do best.  I use my experience with small business accounting and tax compliance to give straight up advice and support, and speak your language.  If growth and business improvement is what you crave I have a range of services to help you!


The Balance Ltd was founded by Jenni Kendall, who has been helping small businesses throughout New Zealand with their accounting, tax and business development since 1997.  

Jenni has a wealth of hands-on experience with NZ businesses, a Bachelor of Business Studies (Accounting) and is currently studying toward CPA membership.

You'll find Jenni down-to earth and enthusiastic.  She operates with a can-do, no-drama approach to get you motivated while feeling totally supported on your business journey.

My mission is to take the hassle out of tax compliance, and empower you to make better business decisions to drive your business forward!


  • To provide no-nonsense advice
  • To speak your language
  • To make things easy for our clients
  • Be trusted as part of your business team
  • Providing outstanding customer service & communication
  • Adding value at every step of the way!
  • Empowering clients to make better business decisions

If you want daily motivation, business tips and are looking to launch, grow and improve your business, check out and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

I have packages suited to small business to enable you to get back to running the world, safe in the knowledge that your accounting and tax compliance is totally taken care of!


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