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I feel more confident now!

Prior to working with Jenni I felt like I was fudging my way through each month I was in business.  My client base was growing, but I had no real idea of the cost of doing business, especially when it came to being an employer.  I had good records and accounting data – but didn’t know what to do with it.

Jenni helped me to stop over-complicating my book work!  I now spend less time on invoicing and data tracking!

The support I receive is great, it is so hard making all the decisions on your own.  And sometimes you need someone to play Devil’s Advocate – to see from the outside in and look at the situation holistically and financially.  Jenni has advised me on the real cost of doing business and I am becoming more efficient with my admin tasks.

Rachael Quin, The Housekeeper 2015 Ltd, Auckland

Rachael Quin, The Housekeeper 2015 Ltd
Rachael Quin, The Housekeeper 2015 Ltd

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders

Previously I had a LOT of manual book-keeping work to do for my accountant at year-end, and I often struggled to understand exactly what was needed at times.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders since Jenni has put me on Xero.  My accounts are so much easier to manage.

Things are a lot simpler for me now!

Jenni moved quickly sorting out all of my accounts at year-end and keeps me up-to-date with my tax liabilities.  She is great at making sure I understand everything and is easy to talk to about my business.

Cari Holland, Cari's Salon - Christchurch

Cari Holland, Cari's Salon

Cari Holland, Cari's Salon

Rachelle Henham, West Coast Rewards
Rachelle Henham, West Coast Rewards

Jenni is down to earth and very easy to talk to

While discussing different topics, solutions and ideas instantly pop up.  She has an amazing energy!  Since working with Jenni we have come up with practical solutions for problems and I now feel a real sense of accomplishment and direction.

Before working with Jenni I was moving along with my business with plenty of ideas and tasks to complete but really unclear about what I should be doing, when, totally overwhelmed with the process of putting much needed systems in place.

NOW, I feel like I have real support and that has been so beneficial for me as I work alone.  I really feel like I have been listened to and a variety of solutions have been offered to suit my needs.

Rachelle Henham, West Coast Rewards, Westport

Jenni is always available to assist & is very motivating!

I had recently left my full-time position and needed assistance to set up my own business, and engaged Jenni to get me on the right track.  She is professional and knowledgeable, helped me set manageable targets for my business.  Jenni is always available to assist and is very motivating, and I would definitely recommend her to others.

I would also recommend getting a solid business plan together - this is crucial to ensure your business starts well and continues to grow!

Angela Bell, The Detail Collective, Wanaka

I was so happy with how easy everything was!

Previously I had been using Xero but had never really had the assistance to get everything working correctly.  I engaged Jenni to tidy up my Xero ledger and give me some training so that I could use the system properly going forward.

I was so happy with how easy everything was!  I then had Jenni take me on as a client, and I find her very easy to deal with, always able to answer my queries, and nothing is ever a problem when I contact her.

Leigh Cooper, Hatch'd Brand + Design, Wanaka

Jenni makes things simple!

She makes things simple, easy, fun, can-do, no drama, good advice that gets you motivated!

Nicola O'Brien, Getting Home, Auckland

Nicola O'Brien, Getting Home

Nicola O'Brien, Getting Home

Thanks for making me step up!

I had been a beauty therapist for nearly 10 years but I was stuck in a rut – not being able to expand my beauty services into a ‘proper business’.  I didn’t know what I needed to do to move forward, to make it a ‘real deal’ and get myself sorted.  I was a clueless!  Then I found Jenni!!!

Everything about working with Jenni has been amazing!  She understands my industry and where I want to go with my business.  I really feel like she wants me to succeed in the things I do!
It’s like having a personal mentor!  This process has been amazing and stress-free.

I feel inspired and even more passionate about what I do.  I feel like anything is possible to achieve if you put your mind to it!

I can not thank Jenni enough with the help she has provided me on my journey to becoming a girlboss!!  Jenni is so talented at what she does – she really helps and I can not wait to continue working together!
Thanks for making me step up and become the business owner I always wanted to be!!!

Tessa Jenkins, Beauty Assets, Christchurch

Tessa Jenkins, Beauty Assets

Tessa Jenkins, Beauty Assets
Maryanne Capstick, Hair at 86

Maryanne Capstick, Hair at 86

I don't stress out about my book-keeping or taxes any more!

Before meeting Jenni I was with a firm of accountants who I never felt comfortable about approaching with my queries, clearly we weren't the right fit.  However since I have been Jenni's client I am totally happy that all of my Xero coding is taken care of, I can call her at any time with my queries and I feel on top of all of my taxes.

I have referred friends and colleagues to Jenni as she just makes everything so easy, I understand everything so much better and I feel totally supported as a business owner!

Maryanne Capstick, Hair at 86, Christchurch


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