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Answers to frequently asked questions:

Why should I choose The Balance Ltd?

The Balance Ltd understand SMEs and the needs of business owners to get the right advice to grow their empire.  I know that often business owners are time-poor and need guidance - but they can be unsure what to do to move forward (and at times fearful of asking for help).

I want to empower you to make better business decisions with advice and guidance that is relevant to you.  I don't operate with a cookie-cutter approach and treat each client as a valued part of the Revolution family.  

I am truly on your team as you run your business.  I take the hassle out of tax compliance, leaving you time and energy to do what you do best.

How do I meet with you?

My clients are throughout New Zealand so I operate virtual meetings online - using Skype, Hangouts, Zoom - whatever fits you best.  Some clients prefer phone meetings, and I find this works really well.

I keep in contact via email regularly and maintain a personalised Dropbox folder which I share with you to keep track of all of your reporting information.

How do I start working with you?

Step one - complete the All About You enquiry form HERE so we get a good overview of your business.

Step two - we will have a initial consultation to run through your requirements

Step three - I send you a quote for fees in accordance with your requirements - this can include my monthly fee package payment plan.  I also send through our Terms of Engagement Letter and IRD Authority to Act Form.  At this stage I would also look at setting your business up on Xero.  Basically I provide all the information for you, you review, sign and return to me - it's that simple!

Step four - we get started!  We will also schedule our meetings in advance so you can fit into your diary.

What if I currently have an accountant?

I will make contact with your previous accountant and request all of your records to be sent through to us, including having your Xero subscription transferred to me if applicable.  Easy!

What information do you need to prepare my accounts?

Step one - click on the buttons below and complete the online questionnaires

Step two - upload any additional information to your personalised, shared Dropbox folder

Step three - I will be in touch if we need more info!

How long does it take to receive my completed accounts?

Your accounts and income tax returns within 28 days of all information being received by our office. Most of the year your information will be available well before this time-frame.

Any delay will be communicated with you, likewise if any further information is required from you I will be in contact immediately.

I'm on a Monthly Fee Package - what if I have last year's accounts to catch up on?

I will discuss this in our initial meeting.  All fees and information required will be communicated with you so that everything is made easy and transparent for you.

What happens if I need work done that is outside the scope of our Monthly Fee Package agreement?

Transparency is an important part of how I work with clients.  If you decide you would like to have additional work done (e.g. creation of a business plan, business coaching, setting up a new company, budgeting/cashflow forecasting) I will provide an additional fee agreement so that you are fully informed of the costs in advance - before work starts.

Can I contact you with general queries?

You sure can!  I want you to feel completely comfortable asking questions, I want to empower you to make better business decisions.  

I believe that the ability to ask questions without fear of being sent an invoice is an important part of how I add value to my clients' lives.

Can you just do my coding and tell me what I need to pay IRD?

Sure!  Some clients I work with do absolutely no coding in their Xero ledger throughout the year.  I prepare everything for them and simply report on the results with advice of what needs to be paid to IRD, and when.

Let's tailor-make services to suit your needs!

How often are Monthly Fee Packages reviewed?

I review our agreement with you on an annual basis, every 12 months from your initial agreement date.  I will communicate with you regarding any changes on that basis.

You can review my Terms and Conditions HERE and will be emailed a copy when you sign up.


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